The British operator 3 promotes Skype by 3G, but AT & T does not allow the iPhone to use 3G

6:52 AM Edited by Blony

. The British operator 3 promotes Skype to be used in all smartphones and mobile phones over their 3G networks, but the agreement is that AT & T and Apple prevents users from using Skype on 3G iPhone 3G networks, although 3 is consistent and promoted openly.

This is a test of some of the incomprehensible decisions made by Apple and AT & T in its collaboration agreements with the iPhone. Skype should make a second application for non-users of AT & T?

The partnership between 3 and Skype is long, including a dedicated team launched Skype for some time. 3 states that have already been made about 353 million Skype calls on their 3G networks and that users reported to save 42 million pounds since 2006 until today.

Via IntoMobile