HP gets into full mobile social networks wisely

11:58 PM Edited by Blony

. HP, through its HP Labs, has just announced it's working on Friendlee, a mobile social network that combines social life and activity that we carry from the mobile. This puts it squarely in the business of mobile social networking and business-oriented world of business.

During the WES 2009, HP announced its new titles of mobile application Friendlee, a new mobile social network based on geolocation and interacting between the address book of close friends and colleagues, text messages and emails the user, and combined with the geographical position via GPS, users. And all this data across social networks of others, to give them relevance.

Have such interaction among the users would know that even if the contact is on the phone, or answering an email, even if the user had not changed their status in the social network, because the software detects the actions that the user is doing in the mobile . The contact list is always in motion, but the contacts are not showing their actions. These contact lists are sorted by the strength of the connections, which is determined by the frequency and duration of interactions, this is based on the relevance of the contacts.

In the paper makes it clear that HP is operating base to the user's own contacts in your address book, social networks and Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with geolocation as we see in Google or Latitude Loopt, a armando sub-personal social-network that adds to the calls and messages from users, and their frequency, and the actions that these users are on the phone in real time.

If you notice the difference, which is proposed Friendlee real-time interaction with our social network, according to the use we give to the team and interaction with contacts. Fabulous and complicated at the same time!

Google could do something similar if you wanted, because we have too much control of the user with all of its mobile applications, which together with the new Google Voice, could be something similar.

Friendlee for now is available as a prototype of HP as a mobile application based on Web 2.0, but say they are working on applications for multiple operating systems, Android and Windows Mobile, but the presentation of the WES is shown in a Blackberry Storm.

For the future is looking to add something like artificial intelligence to our social network .... increible!

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