G1 v2 filtered again, T-Mobile or Bigfoot Morrison

11:54 PM Edited by Blony

. This week we learned that the roadmap was the T-Mobile plans to launch what appears to be the second version of the G1 with Android, now we hear he is known to Codename Bigfoot or Morrison.

It is not clear who will manufacture, but by design I would say it is a play HTC (but besides that I would not say the G1 v2 but it is possible that Samsung is) and finally decided to bet it safe: the format with the touchscreen QWERTY slider is all the rage in the industry.

Not too much excitement because there's nothing confirmed yet, but according to the people of the BGR v2 T-Mobile G1 would be launched in United States in October by Walmart that sell about $ 148 with 2 years contract or directly by T-Mobile at the same price.