Vodafone to raise its rates again in June

5:38 AM Edited by Blony

We're still trying to recover from the hike in rates this month and now Vodafone warns us of a new increase for the June 2. After that date, the New Contract 1 will rise from 35 to 39 cents per minute for domestic (45.24 cents / min including VAT), while the Old Contract 1 will go from 12 to 19 cents / min (22.04 cent / min including VAT).

Furthermore, the establishment of international call cost from June 49 cents (56.84 cents including VAT), while calls to numbers 901 and 902 will have a 30 cents / minute (34.8 cents / min including VAT) and 49 cents / minute (56.84 cents / min including VAT) respectively.

After giving us the bad news, Vodafone reminds us that we have the right to cancel our contract without any penalty. I am with, the truth.