Nokia N97 Less powerful than expected?

5:35 AM Edited by Blony

Bad news for those awaiting the arrival of the new Nokia N97. Start commented that the smartphone of the Finnish company is not going to live up to what would be desirable, at least if we take into account their technical specifications. The N97 will lead eventually to a 434 Mhz ARM11 CPU, which carries the N86 and slightly faster than the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. That means competing with terminals significantly higher in that area and a lower price in theory, like the Samsung Omnia HD, which will run at 600 Mhz.

However, all who have tried the N97 (Mariano and published his impressions for several months) agree that the terminal was going quite well and other things fast menu transitions. Probably this is because the software is fully optimized to run on this CPU. The problem is that those who decide to create applications for this smartphone will be done thinking of that program for a hardware that will require them to do extra work to achieve this optimization.

Perhaps the problem of the N97 is the same as happens to so many technology products: the long period of time that passes from the official announcement (December 2, 2008) until they leave the market (in theory, in June this year). Should have learned from what happened with the SonyEricsson Xperia X1.


  1. VisaLittleboy said...

    Great phone, but no money to buy..:)