Vodafone launches the new Nokia 2630 Pack Hannah Montana

9:56 AM Edited by Blony

. Vodafone Spain has announced the launch of a new pack that includes a Nokia 2630 set with the reasons for the new Hannah Montana movie from Disney. The character played by Miley Cirus has become an idol of the masses for pre-teens, and half a world to harness its popularity took to market something.

In addition to the terminal, the pack includes a silicone sleeve, a pendant for mobile, real tone and exclusive images of the film, as well as the official video game of it. This pack may be purchased starting next Thursday at distribution centers and authorized the Vodafone online shop.

As Celularis you have in a couple of years ago, the Nokia 2630 is a very simple extra terminal with VGA camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 player. The pack of Hannah Montana also offers a guide with recommendations for parents to monitor their children use mobile performed. Its price is 49 euros with a balance of up to 100 euros.