Vodafone includes music downloads in Internet Flatrate

8:11 AM Edited by Blony

A mid-month you count that Vodafone UK's decision to offer downloads of their music without DRM. We said then that would be good if this initiative was extended to other countries shortly after confirming that it would be so. Well, as we have it here: Vodafone Spain will offer a new service for downloading music without DRM through its Internet Flatrate.

From April 7 to all customers to download songs via Vodafone Music are included in this fee, which will cost 12 euros per month and no time limits or connection. A Vodafone customers who already have the Internet Flatrate hired, they are activated directly by the Music Unlimited service. In addition, new users that will hire the first month free.


  1. Stephen said...

    What a cool service by vodafone. I hope other telcos will do same as well.