The vacuum cleaner? In Korea, we think the phone!

8:39 AM Edited by Blony

You know, the Eastern countries have always been at as regards the use of mobile telephony. Nevertheless, they are, equally, even for the applications of robotics.

E 'by adding these two different areas of modern technology that KTF, a Korean mobile operator, has just launched on the market (less than € 300) a robot able to perform household cleaning (in particular, seeks to function as powder) completely controllable remotely via a 3G phone. Built in collaboration with the company Microbot, CW100, the name of Automation, is able to capture and send pictures of the rooms on the screens of mobile users in the country of the Far East, which are able to drive the LCD, with the pad of the phone, to clean even the most inaccessible areas of your home.

The camera, of course, can also be used for dusting ... ahem, check the conditions of children, elderly or pets that they were in the apartment, as well as the apartment itself;)


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