Bluetooth 3.0 and the future of data transfer from mobile

8:41 AM Edited by Blony

Officially arriving a new standard for wireless technology more popular among phones: Bluetooth 3.0. Officially, there is to say because on the official site of the consortium there are no news about it. However, the scoop is left from authoritative sources and by 21 April should be announced to the public.

We speak of a new hardware that would allow data exchange between two devices at a rate much higher than the present one. The scenarios that appear are hard to describe in advance, however, just realize that you can transfer huge amounts of data in less time. The new Bluetooth 3.0, seems to be a hybrid between the Wi-Fi 802.11, and the more traditional bluetooth.

The operation is not yet clear, in other words a transfer of information between two devices may use the technology wi-fi if it were supported by both, otherwise you go to the bluetooth. A backwards, then. The consumption will be reduced thanks to the Enhanced Power Control, EPC, among other protocols mentioned by the source is the Generic Alternate MAC / PHY (AMP) that would be one that will switch wi-fi-bluetooth.

Currently, the site of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) states no official news about it. By 21 April, therefore, be provided with the technical specifications or denials of these items. Nothing strange or unusual, the news has already been passed by official we reserve the right to read a press release within days.