Updated Photo Browser for Nokia Symbian S60: The image viewer with recognition of faces

7:36 AM Edited by Blony

Nokia Photo Browser is a software product from Nokia Beta Labs, which is compatible with Symbian S60 devices. This is an experimental project, a photo viewer revolutionary, in fact, besides being equipped with an advanced graphical interface, is capable of recognizing faces using face detection system.

The new update expands the compatibility of the product to the terminals FP1 and FP2, with the accelerometer or less. On touch screen devices, or those equipped with Symbian S60 5th edition are dedicated controls for the zoom (using a magnifying glass "touch") and various interactions.

Photo Browser lets you scroll in a smooth their photos and images stored on the device and offers an excellent managed. However, the program is still unstable and it is reasonable to expect a crash. To download this beta version, you can visit the official page and select the download depending on your terminal.