Android Cupcake available from the Google SDK with the preview of version 1.5!

7:33 AM Edited by Blony

It just past Easter, but it seems that the egg of Google has come only today!

The search engine has announced on its blog dedicated to developers, the availability of a preview version of the SDK for its mobile operating system, Android.

The new package, with reported number of 1.5 release and is already available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, although not yet definitive, it introduces a host of new features and functionality to the operating system, now more than ever, seems finally on track to reach sufficient maturity to its appearance on more smartphones.

Among the innovations, the improvement of much of look'n'feel user, with the presence of bridges between the windows, and the introduction of more applications that support the rotation of the layout through all'accelerometro; also improves the speed of the system, both in the scrolling of the email client and the browser as the acquisition of the GPS position and the departure of the camera.

But Android 1.5 has not only improved the existing. Completely new are support for the virtual keyboard on the screen, customizable by the user and the presence of a Home screen with various widgets and live folders, and the ability to record and play videos in 3GP and MP4, support A2DP bluetooth stereo headsets and AVCRP; a browser updated to the latest version of WebKit, with support of copy and paste the text encoding selectable and able to search, a new version of the Linux kernel and a new management application SIM ; the ability to upload photos to Picasa and videos on Youtube, an advanced management of contacts, whose presence is always marked IM, and more.

As mentioned above, seems to finally come when Android operating system becomes an adult. We are to see how the situation ... and I recommend it ... fingers crossed;)