Twim. New version v1.9 with support for TwitPic

8:53 AM Edited by Blony

Here it is here, finally, after about 2 months of waiting, the new release of Twim, the open source Twitter client for mobile JavaME more park resources we are.

At the new release, the correction of a bug found in the program following the amendment of certain API operations from Twitter a few days ago, that caused problems with the parsing of the dates of the states. Once correct this bug, however, the author of the program has also benefited to add to Twim support for TwitPic, a service that allows users to upload their photos and the pictures in their tweets.

Here is the complete changelog of the latest version available, v1.9, downloadable from the official website:

-corrected bug in date;
-added support for TwitPic;
-Improved the highlighting of the selected;
-improved error handling in case of wrong user name.