Quicksheet for iPhone, released one of the first editor Excel for iPhone

8:55 AM Edited by Blony

After few days of the Journal, the company Quickoffice Texas, has released on App Store a set of products to meet the needs of business owners of Melafonino. Quicksheet, is one of the first editor of Excel files that can view and edit this type of documents.

Among the features of the product, there is a seamless integration with the product Apple Mobile Me also lets you transfer files via Wi-Fi connection using a support and submit the amended documents via E-mail. The editing possibilities are interesting, supports many mathematical formulas and allows for complete management of the individual cells of spreadsheets.

Native formats supported, simply save, are those of Microsoft Excel 2003 and earlier. The price of € 10.49 is, it download from the App Store page. More product information Quickoffice on the official site.