T-Mobile Germany is blocking Skype for iphone

9:12 AM Edited by Blony

. In what may be the beginning of another controversial step in the mobile ecosystem, T-Mobile, one of the most important German mobile operators have blocked the use of the Skype application for iPhone.

The Chicago Tribune newspaper quoted the spokesman for the German company who mentions

customers who use Skype's new iPhone application could have discontinued
Internet service for violating their contracts.

If the threat to suspend the service was not enough, from the side of T-Mobile say that one of the reasons that lead to the application block is that "might slowly return to the network of T-Mobile." And although this is not the first time we hear such news, we believe that in the case of VoIP applications will be tough fight.

On the one hand, the developers of these applications are working very hard on generating customer base. On the other hand, some vendors such as Nokia and Samsung, have been more or less open to include Skype or Fringe Nimbuzz on their mobile phones from the factory. Finally, the interest of traders to remember, are the main customers of the manufacturers of cell phones, is opposed, as they want preserved as a single physical channel with the right to recover all the voice traffic.

My impression: The future does not stop. Instead of these measures, they could copy to AT & T, he had to understand that if not delivered Wi-Fi to its customers, it would cost more dear to their own network.

Finally, it would be interesting to call Argentina would know this, because it has the best chance to mount a dual network, with the possibility of monetizing services for mobile wi-fi.