Python for S60 is finally compatible with the terminals and the Samsung S60 5th edition

8:47 AM Edited by Blony

The Python for S60 project, started by the Nokia Research Center several years ago. Since (fortunately) an Open Source project, the sources are available for anyone who wants to fix it.

Currently the last version officially available, it is still 1.45. However, thanks to the willing, have made great strides as the last version dedicated to the Symbian S60 devices 5th edition, and also thanks to Samsung Mobile Innovator comes a new update is compatible with the device of the house in Korea.

The new version of Python for S60 1.9.3 adds new features and development libraries for developers, it is also compatible with models such as the Samsung Innov8, Samsung i711o and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. To download this version, you must manually uninstall the previous year. The upgrade is recommended for all developers, more information on the site of MAEM.