Google shows a preview of the new mobile web interface for Gmail

8:45 AM Edited by Blony

The head of the division of Google mobile software, Vic Gundotra, presented what could be the first taste of a new version of the Gmail web application for mobile devices, yesterday at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Efforts being made to improve the mobile web version of Gmail says a lot about the fact that the native versions for different operating systems (Blackberry, Symbian, etc.) may not be the center of the Google developers.

E 'a way to save resources and telephone services, but also to achieve more and more, starting from a base of mobile browser to increasingly refined capable. One of the features that it has satisfied most of the audience Gundotra was a navigation bar which was used to perform the most common operations of storing, labeling and removal (only for examples), directly from the display mode of an email.

In short, as revolutionary and complete may be the mobile operating system that manufacturers are working on, Google continues to think that the browser is at the center of the navigation of online communication, web 2.0.