Palm Pre: the (micro) review of Angelina Jolie

7:03 AM Edited by Blony

One of the many reasons why it would be nice to be Angelina Jolie is the ability to have the Pre Palm before, perhaps long before, the date of leaving the market. It seems the former Tomb Raider was able to steal (or, more likely, she was given by Palm for advertising) that a Pre Palm seems to have undermined his heart the old iPhone and maybe even Brad Pitt.

The views on this, in fact, left out during an interview on the set of the next film of the famous actress was quoted as saying that "has a better software dell'iPhone, the keyboard is very comfortable and the screen is very nice but easily damaged and not scratch-proof. "

Ok, sure Miss Jolie is not the greatest expert in the field of mobile telephony, but more an opinion is needed to alleviate the wait for the Pre ... as well as to raise the envy of many for Angelina ... as if it were needed!