Only 9% of users take advantage of mobile banking

6:55 AM Edited by Blony

According to a report by Consumers & Convergence III "of the consultancy KPMG, only 9% of global consumer banking through mobile phones and this confirms the theory that said that fear and indifference can not take off the service mobile banking, despite well-supported initiatives for growth.

Despite these low numbers of mobile banking, more than half of respondents, 53%, is comfortable with the idea of using a mobile phone to perform banking transactions, but 59% are not willing to pay more for service, something to consider.

A very good initiative, which brings the mobile user to mobile banking, is the free application for iPhone MasterCard, MasterCard ATM Hunter, to find ATMs from the iPhone.


  1. Sheri Fresonke Harper said...

    Silly to think it would cost more, I could always use the same facility on my PC or phone for free. Good blog
    :) Sheri