Apple and Verizon believe in an iPhone Lite (before iPhone Nano)

6:53 AM Edited by Blony

. Everything had the potential to note that Apple and Verizon would be thinking of an iPhone with 4G LTE become reality and become a confirmation on Business Week that Apple thinks of a real iPhone Lite for Verizon. According to the information BW, Apple and Verizon have been in talks for more than 6 months and already have two prototypes ready, awaiting approval to launch mutual production.

The first would be an iPhone Lite, probably the same prototype known as the iPhone Nano, and would be smaller, thinner and cheaper than traditional iPhone, because Apple would use an operating system and embedded technology in a single chip that controls the graphic equipment.

The second prototype would be a "Media Pad" of a size smaller than an Amazon Kindle, but with a larger screen and is described as a multimedia device that plays photos, movies and music in high definition. Addition would have to allow WiFi to surf the internet and make VoIP calls.

The more complicated this is AT & T, which has the exclusivity of the iPhone until 2010, but these prototypes are not "the" iPhone, it remains to be seen as resolving the dilemma. Ultimately, two good ideas from Apple, and a major problem for AT & T, it remains to be seen as affluent.