Nokia is focused on services and mobile games will ovi Store

5:14 AM Edited by Blony

Nokia has just released a press release that leaves more questions than anything else. To start, announcing his plans to "focus its strategy on the service unit to create a better and simpler user experience and open up opportunities for others."

You may have to do with the sharp decline in profits from the company but it is not something very specific that we leave to say that accelerate the development of a common platform for all the different services of Nokia when it is assumed that the Store is ovi to leave soon.

In the midst of this announcement, used to confirm something they already had advanced: "All mobile games are now available from ovi Store, in addition to the channels that already exist" (aka N-Gage).

Another passage in the text says that "Nokia will add a variety of third party partners, like other social networking sites or images to add them to share content and features to capture images that have the devices."

The most amazing is that in the ad seek to pass unnoticed that "due to these changes," some "450 employees will be impacted," and Reuters has already registered about 360 layoffs.