Motorola ROKR U9 depth

5:06 AM Edited by Blony

. The MotoROKR U9 is a music of phones I was using these days and I must say that under this discretita appearance, is one of the best walking in your niche and mid-range which is available free for prices fairly consistent throughout Latin America and Spain.

The best of MotoROKR U9: Three things are great in this team, the quality of display, industrial design and audio quality.
The worst of MotoROKR U9: the complexity of the menus, the lack of a better system for managing photos and attracts fingerprints like honey attracts bees;)

Beyond that is a worthy competitor in this segment is full of choices and do not rule out in any way if you choose a music phone.

Music and multimedia
While the audio is clearly its strongest point, including headphones and microSD memory that includes the theme of the photos deserve something better. I'm not saying that is a bad camera but no light is not very useful but that to satisfy the most basic demands of this niche.

Now, the reality is that the ROKR U9 is designed for music and to MotoID works wonders in addition to having a very simple interface to manage everything and an external display that lights up and gives basic information like name of the item you're listening, volume and so on.

Interface and Software
And here one of the surprises, for example, the software included in this team you can sync up to Exchange servers or whatever sorporte SyncML so basically you can pair it with almost any PC operating system or whatever .. and that, at this time is a very good point to consider.

With what already exits game with a huge advantage because you could use in a range up to half of workers ... but beyond that, and returning to the theme of the interface, this really takes the screen and the ability as seen in the image of Need For Speed is at the gallery.

The rest of the soft quasi-standard but is always met and exceeded what we expected.

Design, battery and audio quality
Now if you have two excellent team: a) the design is superior to what is used in a square things in this segment, the keyboard is superb and the back-slip rubber is to take into account .... the only detail that is so "glossy" makes the phone alive and full of fingerprints and it bothers a lot because he sees it and can not dodge be cleaned every 3 seconds;)

The sound is very good, but at this point is not surprising because Motorola is really right with hardware for a good time and what I personally do not know if you have any alliance with other parties.

Conclusion in one of the most competitive markets (Sony with its Walkman line, with its line XpressMusic Nokia and Samsung with its Ultra line) Motorola managed to get a team that, despite the passage of time (the review I was stopped because the video is corrupted and now the public at the request of one commentator) the MotoROKR U9 achievement and a phone to really take into account when buying