The new Android 1.5 compatibility problems

5:43 AM Edited by Blony

The new Android apparently 1.5 is suffering from crisis of growth, thus beginning to present serious problems of compatibility with earlier versions. "Like almost any open platform, Google does not require backward compatibility for all applications for Android, but as they release more devices and applications, this could be a real problem," says Techcrunch and some fear they are right, let's see :

In the blog official Android developer says: "Do you want to allow your application to run on all devices, or only those running the latest software" and recommended patches should be required to make software each developer to ensure compatibility of something lost, which clearly demonstrate that they have a serious problem because many of the improvements to the operating system does not run into the millions of computers already sold.

The complexity that inevitably come from the developers is clear, then that will test every application in every version of the Android framework to make the necessary changes to ensure compatibility. Or put a sign saying "this software is not compatible with your version of Android," each developer decide.

Applications using the new Android 1.5 features such as virtual keyboards, some widgets to the main screen or voice recognition, Bluetooth stereo, video recording, prediction and auto correction of text, the folders are updated automatically, among other things, are to be patched.

The worst thing is that this is his first "version", so some people think of the number of patches that will make the Android software when there are four or more previous versions, as granted that there will be less than one year .

Let's see how Google solves this issue that the community is not taking very well.