Incredible failed firmware upgrade via OTA Samsung and AT & T

5:48 AM Edited by Blony

Push a firmware via OTA you can seem the best of the world in terms of technological innovation in the mobile world and all manufacturers are going towards this ... but it can also lead to the tomb to the user, the manufacturer and mobile operator.

That is what they are going to Samsung and AT & T with their firmware Samsung Epix. When attempting to correct a software problem, through a firmware update via OTA, many teams have failed and can not make or receive calls.

In this case the remedy was worse than the disease, because the Samsung Epix from AT & T collapsed. Already there are hundreds and hundreds of users with bricks, which have no use for cell phone call, and complain in their pockets in the support forums for AT & T (you can see the thread of users with problems here in English).

We'll solve Samsung and AT & T these disadvantages caused by the failed update via OTA.