Motorola MOTOROKR W6 athletes to reach Mexico

6:12 AM Edited by Blony

. Motorola has just expanding its line of clamshells with this music-oriented ROKR and especially those who need a device to assist in their physical activity.

This is the MOTOROKR W6 we had seen last year and now reaches stores Mexico (not yet transcended the price) for insurance then continue its expansion in the region (it seems that he had first appeared in Peru).

The specifications are not a big deal only with camera 1.3 MPX (rightly appears in Latam: P) with 8x digital zoom to capture videos and play connectivity, GSM / EDGE, supports Push-to-Talk, Bluetooth with A2DP and CrystalTalk technology for improved sound quality.

But the characteristics that stands out is the MOTOROKR W6 fitness software and applications dedicated to training that were developed by a team of research and development in Latin America. The tools allow you to organize your say-so-training session, keep track of your physical condition and there is an app that lets you create a specific training to enter your details such as sex, age, weight and height.

It also has a database to store the info of the exercises, aerobic sequence duration and calories burned, among other things, that can be exported in XLS format to look more relaxed in Excel.

Being a music phone-oriented exercise, are very good external dedicated keys for the music player.