Changes in the interface of Android 1.5

6:09 AM Edited by Blony

The emergence of Android 1.5 with the changes known as Cupcake is about and will increasingly come with the Magic for HTC operator Vodafone.

Remember that just releasing the SDK so that developers can already start working on Android 1.5, now we have also learned several interface changes.

In these photos you can see the difference between Android 1.1 (left) and Android 1.5 (right) since according to the blog designers developers were "working hard to refine and polish the appearance of the system."

The image above shows the page to create a new contact while in which you can see below shows how to change the size of the buttons have now changed from a minimum size of 44 x 48 pixels in Android 1.1 to a minimum of 24 Android 48 in x 1.5.

That did it to accommodate the buttons on the QWERTY keyboard as expected but can be a little mad at developers and some applications can be broken.