Mobile Internet for fools

8:50 AM Edited by Blony

This book has been available since last year but recently I know they exist and may be useful for those who are taking their first steps into this mobile internet, maybe for some who need to learn quickly because they have to use it for work.

I'm talking about Mobile Internet For Dummies for having an idea of what they find in their pages, these are the titles of some of the chapters: the kids and internet mobile web browser and selecting cell; carriers and plans; mobile searches; multimedia entertainment, email and IM; purchases from the mobile content creation, social networking and blogging, building sites and a guide for mobile developers. If you want to remove some doubts can go to the official site and see who are the perpetrators.

Wiley can be downloaded from free or buy a chapter for $ 21 but is also available on Amazon for $ 16 or more ... can google a bit and see if they find out there to download in pdf;)