Google released the Android 1.5 SDK with Cupcake

9:03 AM Edited by Blony

Since the Android Developers Blog have just announced that developers can download the platform and the SDK for the new 1.5 version of Android.

In turn, ensured that the new version of the OS open source Google is based on what was called Cupcake with various improvements like virtual QWERTY keyboard and is expected to arrive sometime this month.

So no surprise that Android 1.5 SDK comes with virtual keyboard interfaces for programming and widgets to the main screen and voice recognition, bluetooth stereo, video recording, prediction and auto correction of text, folders that are automatically updated (live folders ), among other things.

The people at Google want to encourage developers to start working on applications for the platform while the final Android 1.5 API will be available only at the end of the month.

Since this version of the SDK is support multiple versions of the Android OS. This means that with this new pre-release developers can write apps for Android 1.1 as the next Android 1.5 with the same tools.

Another change in the SDK is that you can install add-ons to access various features that can provide manufacturers, operators or other suppliers. For example, people are using Google for this feature to include an add-on with the Google Maps API. Our friends developers can download the SDK from here.