The LG Renoir KC910 is now pink

4:44 AM Edited by Blony

. Recently appeared KC910i the LG Renoir, Renoir's an update that comes in black color and has some changes in the appearance and interface. Today we present a classic LG KC910 Renoir, 8 megapixel camera, but pink, as shown below:

The new LG Renoir KC910 pink is a camera-phone that is clearly oriented towards the female segment and wants to become a fashion-phone.

LG drops in sales, but much less than expected, wants to grow even stronger during the crisis years, so have to see which brings more news LG.

For now, the KC910 pink is available in a few operators in England, such as Orange, O2 and T-Mobile, but soon the world will come and what we can in our markets.

Vía MobileCrunch