A bestseller from the QWERTY keyboard on a Windows Mobile

4:38 AM Edited by Blony

Something that is exactly what they think the manufacturers of cell phones, when they decide to put a QWERTY keyboard on a smartphone, is what a writer in England: he wrote a whole novel on your iPaq QWERTY keyboard while and went back to work house in the subway.

On each trip underground in 45 minutes, the writer was able to type about 400 words on your QWERTY keyboard, so it took two full years completing the novel of 500 pages, about 100,000 words, and has become a best seller, the contents and the great care they give the reason for this nice.

Moreover it is funny that you love is to his cell, in both journalistic saw that the actor took pains to stress that his "is not an iPAQ Blackberry.