IDEN Motorola i9 comes to Argentina for Nextel

7:49 AM Edited by Blony

Novelty is not the sympathy of the teams with Motorola iDEN service and Push-to-Talk, and now has just introduced the Motorola i9 in Argentina that had been filtered a few months ago and passed the FCC. Before turning to describe it, let them import the data: Nextel will be available from tomorrow for 1200 pesos (over $ 300).

I was at the event which was presented to a flat interactive (?) As reflecting the company still betting strong in this country where its brand has much more presence than elsewhere in the world with lots of users who are still amazed V3 and the old man: P

Clamshell design of this seemed like a kind of mixture between the V8 (more than anything on the outside) and the BlackBerry Pearl Flip (much like the hinge of the lid) and proved to be far more finite than I expected compared with other cellular iDEN: 15.3mm.

Quickly go over their main specifications: 3.1 MPX camera with flash and autofocus Video recording, 2.2 inch internal display and external 2-inch (both QVGA), stereo Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, 150MB internal memory expandable up to 8GB microSDHC cards and includes a 2GB.

With the features we see are not the best (3G and Wifi to us: P) but within the whole design is successful. In closing I must say that trying to highlight its multimedia functions, which are not the big thing, but managed well with the top closed, thanks to technology called ModeShift several touch keys with haptic feedback that is turned as if take pictures, listen to music or video capture, among other things.