HTC Announces its 2008 earnings

7:45 AM Edited by Blony

. We had seen numerous developments in the Taiwanese firm HTC, ranging from its roadmap, some applications, and its taste for the Android OS. Now, in a press release announcing its earnings for the year 2008, which include sales by 4500 million dollars and earnings by $ 931 million.

If even here the figures are impressive, the fact remains that have been sold from his perspective more than 50% of all Smartphones running Windows Mobile last year.

According to the report sold more than 11.03 million mobile terminals with windows, but 1 million HTC G1 with Android, and 70% of terminals were 3G, which speaks to the clear positioning of the driver of the Smartphones as 3G market.

The press release mentions the expansion plans of the firm both in R & D and production, but I think the pearl goes to the profit of the company, which is 18.8%, which is undoubtedly the envy of most an executive of the industry;)