X-SMS: management 360 degrees for the messages of your S60

7:53 AM Edited by Blony

One of the needs of many users, regardless of the phone you're using, it's always been that you can remember / store sms more beautiful or important. Thus, on the Smartphone, several programs have been used to this very important purpose.

What we present today is one of the most complete and best, thanks to the fact that it is free. It's called X-SMS, and is developed in Python programming language, multi platform. For operation, requires the interpreter installed on your terminal. So what are the main features of this product:

-Saving individual sms in many text files (txt or HTML)
-possibility to choose internal or external memory for storing
-restore the existing backup sms

To download, please visit the direct link. Please note that the application must be 'installed on the same memory is where the Python interpreter. It works correctly on both S60 2nd Edition and on 3rd. For the latter, however, we must make hacking the device if permitted.