The customer is always right, but ... - The strange raporto between H3G and its client

7:47 AM Edited by Blony

One between H3G and its customers is certainly a hate-love: on one hand the commercial provision allows for substantial savings and to accumulate large auto (more in the past that now), of the inefficiency and problems that arise are many. If any error in pricing may be regarded as a venial sin (even if it represents a troublesome problem and not always easy resolution), the decommissioning of a sim, apparently without justification, or the conversion to credit expiry of a deadline without bonus accumulated as auto episodes are much more severe.

If about the disconnection Agcom gave reason to clients with respect to the conditions of use of the bonus by auto still has not reached a final resolution of the dispute. Big buzz on blogs and forums has sparked the beginning of February, a short article appeared in L'Espresso in which he spoke of H3G customers affected by the incidents described in these terms:

"Those customers are dishonest, sometimes in league with organized crime. Abusing the service of auto, using software to automatically receive a disproportionate amount of minutes of calls and text messages. "

In the same article H3G is described as a victim of its marketing: the high cost of termination in force today, in fact, allow 3 to implement a very aggressive marketing strategy that has elevated into a major auto strength. Someone has taken advantage in a very strong. Despite this, every single minute of call received by customers 3 numbers from other operators generated by the operator of the flows into money: if there was an advantage would not make sense to propose a competition that rewards customers who receive many minutes calls (so-called Luna Park).

A further confirmation we will give our friend Andrea Trapani we report a new initiative for H3G: a program for collecting points with which you can get to win even an Alfa Romeo Mito, and a Fiat 500!

The program for 3 Business Club, for the business just gives awards to those who do not spend (on the model of Vodafone or MilleunaTim One) but to the recipient: in palio telephony products and technology, travel and vouchers starting at only 600 points, from accumulating by 30 November 2010. Each point corresponds to one minute of calls received by numbers of players from 3: every 10 minutes are accumulated 10 points. Arrived at 250,000 points you win a Fiat 500. Reaching 300,000 (208 days!), However, the customer may withdraw a Alfa Romeo Mito.

By analyzing the behavior in general is certainly known as the H3G face, because its customers receive calls from other operators but then you get to define "dishonest" and "in league with organized crime" those clients who receive, have accumulated high auto still has to prove, in fact, that the behavior of these customers has breached the contracts signed by both parties. We will see what will decide the Agcom. Analyzed at this time, the behavior of the operator seems slightly contradictory.