Windows Mobile 6.5. Still more about widgets

6:16 AM Edited by Blony

Yet innovation in the announced presence of widget on the next version of the operating system from Microsoft.

Blog Windows Mobile Team have appeared in other information on what will be the way in which the microapplicazioni will be implemented for the web on WM 6.5.

From what is written, it seems that Microsoft will comply with existing standards in the field, produced by the W3C consortium. The beauty is that, since the widget in other reality are not, in fact, that web page, they will be able to support not just HTML, CSS, AJAX and JavaScript, but also to use Flash and other plug-ins that could be on the phone, such as what is needed to use the Media Player.

And again, the widget will have its own icon and be included in the application menus, as real independent programs.

Not bad for what is a technology that, at least until now, has never taken hold so much ...;)