Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone / iPod touch

6:19 AM Edited by Blony

Will be released today, 19 March, at the App Store, one of the most promising titles on the mobile world: talk about Metal Gear Solid Touch. Developed by Konami, a company that despite initial fears to a large expansion in the mobile field, a distance of a few short years since its debut has already done the spotlight toward himself.

The game is based on Metal Gear Solid 4, a cousin to the last console generation, and other securities based on the same label, such as: Metal Gear Mobile for N-Gage, Metal Gear Acid 2. The game includes 12 levels of play early, gradually expanded through downloadable updates. What system will be used to download additional levels, yet it is not know, however, is likely to use the new In-App Purchase.

The controls of the game, of course, will be intuitive and able to exploit the generous screen. You download from App Store at a price of € 4.99. For more screenshots, please post to the cousins of Gamesblog and more information, the official site.