Vodafone to increase charges from April

6:23 AM Edited by Blony

Losn bad news for users of Vodafone Spain. The UK operator will rise from next April 14 the price of all their charges and their Vitamin morning and afternoon, although partially offset their users with other benefits.

The operator will raise the rates of 1 x 60 Vitamin 19 cents per minute to 19.9. This fee can only pay about 60 minutes one. The compensation comes to extend to 90 minutes of talk time on each call. In the case of customers prepagose the price has risen from 35 to 38 cents per minute. Vitamin rate in all 60 x 1 has increased the maximum monthly limit of 600 to 800 minutes.

The plans' Tomorrow 'and' Evening 'will also change and will cost 15 cents per minute instead of 12 that cost so far. That same experience also increased calls to other operators.