LG Renoir 8GB Black, another update

6:22 AM Edited by Blony

Recently appeared KC910i, an update of Renoir came in black with some changes in the appearance and interface.

Now it seems that is another version of Renoir though we do not know if this is not the same as the information is known 8GB Black LG Renoir is different beyond the color.

The original Renoir comes with 100MB of internal memory, something very rare for a high-end mobile camera MPX 8 (accompanied by autofocus, Schneider-Kreuznach optics and xenon flash) video recording ... so, as its name indicates, This will come with 8GB to fix that.

The rest of the specifications of the LG Renoir 8GB Black would be the same and although the price was not transpired a little more expensive than the Renoir.