Tutorial: How to upgrade to Microsoft Compact Framework 3.5

9:00 AM Edited by Blony

. If you have a Windows Mobile, once installed applications and problems that brought you certainly need to update the library. NET Framework, a set of libraries that perform different functions of your computer within WM.

To update these libraries just follow these steps:

1. Download. NET Compact Framework 3.5 from Microsoft's site your computer
2. Protect any information about your phone, making a full backup.
3. Run the MSI file that came down from Microsoft
4. WM Connect your phone via Activesync (XP) or WM Device Center (Vista) to complete the installation within the phone.
5. Make a soft reset of your phone.
6. With a registry editor seeks entry "HKLM \ Software\Microsoft\.NETCompactFramework" where you'll see two entries refer to the different versions. NET (3.5 and above)
7. Change two values, the value of the entry for the version 3.5.7283.00 from
"zero" to "a" and the rest of the values of other inputs (eg v: 2.0.7045.00)
from "a" to "zero." This will disable the other previous versions.
8. Make a soft reset on your computer, and I've completed the upgrade.

Of course, as always clarify before proceeding make sure you have everything you need and understand the process ... and we are not responsible for wanting to explore the limits;)