Samsung claims 25% market Touchscreens

8:57 AM Edited by Blony

I think that after so many ads, and it became clear that Samsung is more than happy with their mobile touch screen and is eager to note with strong positions in this sector.

This is reflected not only in new Touchscreens quite followed the new S5600 and S5230 but also in the firing of many special editions of their most successful devices.

We had read that sold over 10 million cell phones with touch screen and still sell about 500 thousand per month F480, but now not only remind us that they are demanding a 25% market touchscreen.

Another new data which is proud that the i900 Omnia has 18 percent of the market for smartphones in Germany, 17 percent in France and 15 percent in Italy.

As you go in Unwired View, they should stop trying to surprise us with their statistics and focus on the HD Samsung Omnia arrives to stores in the best way.