Slick updates to chat in a touch-friendly

7:22 AM Edited by Blony

Slick multiprotocol client, developed by Lonely Cat Games is one of the most solid to chat with more services, such as Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM and Jabber.

Although its operation is flawless, it is still considered by a producer alpha version. However, because of its stability, is more than a beta in the developing world. Compatible with Windows Mobile Smartphone and Symbian S60 and UIQ, you can use them for free.

Among the various features, allows people to exchange files with your contacts, use the emoction standards and receive / send messages offline. After updating Profimail (which we review shortly), yesterday, the software house has released a new version for this: 0:47 the little bugs that solves the program and improves the ease of use on terminal S60 5th edition, such as Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. You download from the official website.