Criminals love to BlackBerry

7:28 AM Edited by Blony

For more than many want Obama stop using your BlackBerry, that messages sent from the RIM devices are very difficult to intercept showing that security is one of its strengths.

In this way, the BlackBerry is becoming the favorite of both criminals and police to communicate. But even if they use them, the cops are not very happy because the BB "limit their ability to intercept and prevent crimes."

Responsible for this is the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software that creates a secure private network, and encrypts the information. That coupled with other features used by criminals, leading up to the level of a military grade encryption.

Obviously there are already some politicians who try to make laws that force the operators to which the devices can be operated by the police and the operators do not want to bear that cost. In this case, we return to discussion of safety and freedom is worth to cite the case of Benjamin Franklin: "Any society that dispenses with a little bit of freedom for security does not deserve neither liberty nor security, and end up losing