RIM recorded communications of all its employees

6:28 AM Edited by Blony

The maker of BlackBerry, Research in Motion RIM, admitted yesterday that recorded all conversations, phone calls, text messages, chat sessions and message of all their employees. They do this as part of RIM's interest to maintain control over the intellectual property the company owns.

The CIO at RIM, Robin Bienfait, admitted that everything that goes through the RIM Blackberrys is recorded and is filed under RIM, so if an employee wants to have signed a chat or make a private call with someone, must use their own mobile device and not a RIM. Even if you ask about things and that things are not recorded, he said quote: "However, we recorded everything."

Bienfat says this is not a violation of privacy, since all workers are aware of this surveillance, "they are doing business within RIM. All we can say or do can be patented by RIM. "