Palm announces results and expects to recover the Palm Pre

6:30 AM Edited by Blony

Palm expects to report results for its third fiscal quarter ended February 27, the day on March 19. Alli announced sales of between 85 and 90 million dollars, well below the 155 million previously. These results show a clear reduction in demand for Palm products.

They argue that this is due to the maturation that is taking the world of smartphones, but it is also possible based on an expected launch of the next part of Palm users and a difficult economy.

The company admits that this fall will be sustained in the fourth fiscal quarter, which ends in May, but will recover with the launch of the Palm Pre, which is still scheduled for the first half of calendar year 2009 but they know that this period of transition will be difficult.

Ed Colligan, its CEO said that "despite the difficult market environment, the overwhelming response we have about the new Pre Palm and the new Palm operating system makes WebOS reaffirm our confidence in a better long-term perspective, strengthening our ability to return to Palm as the innovative leader in the smartphone market. "

From here we want to achieve that Palm, the Palm Pre, off to a strong need, since they do not fit many options, Elevation Partners has made a final investment recently, with hopes of reaching the launch of the Palm Pre and recover some of that investment and take up a leadership position in the smartphone segment will.