Renace Voice as GrandCentral Google, the Google of VoIP

6:56 AM Edited by Blony

GrandCentral, a start-up that Google acquired 2 years ago and that unifies all the phone lines for users on a single number, was frozen by Google after the acquisition and is now relaunched as Google Voice, which greatly expanded in additional services, is based on that original strategy of GrandCentral as a free service of VoIP.

According to Om Malik of info that could prove and what the experience in his blog GigaOm, new features (as always, very good tutorials on Google Video) include the possibility of using a single number to send and receive SMS messages, the which are transmitted directly to your mobile phone. You can also send text messages from fixed phones.

The central idea is to make phone calls using the internet can call free phone from USA or acquire credit, like Skype to make international calls at competitive rates. A good way to make mobile VoIP polite.

You can also get transcripts of voice messages left on the voice box of Google, like Skydeck. and as shown below:

For now, invitations are limited to U.S. residents by IP, so we have to wait a while to complete the rollout by Google and can prove it.