Facu complaint eleven mobile content providers

7:02 AM Edited by Blony

All a little tired of the press and television advertisements in tone, polytonic, wallpapers and games for mobile. I guess that will have your audience, because they spend large sums on advertising. However, just read the fine print to realize that the prices announced are far from final prices.

In the facu-Consumers in Action has decided to further investigate this service and have made a study of eleven companies for mobile content downloads: Movilisto, Club Zed, Flycell, Dada, Jamba, MyBip, Dindo, Movisexy, Interbusca, Olemovil and Divertimovil. The result? Claiming to have finished them all.

According facu, the study has revealed what we already thought: that this is an abuse. The prices are out and download a ringtone for your mobile phone can make sending text messages from three different addition to connecting to the Internet. This may raise the cost to 6.38 euros, which may rise to 9.86 euros in the case of games. In addition, FACUAtambiƩn criticizes the lack of information given to users about the total price of each content. If you want to know more pass through the web of facu.