Profimail is updated and is now compatible with S60 5th edition

6:20 AM Edited by Blony

Profimail, is a mail client and multi-platform suitable for various devices Smartphone. On devices like Symbian S60, is one of the top selling software with its advanced features. Compatible devices Symbian S60, UIQ and Windows Mobile.

With the new version, 3.10, Profimail adds new features, bug fixes and is now compatible with devices touchscreen Symbian S60 5th edition. Among the new, higher figure gesrtione and customization of fonts allowing excellent viewing of their email.

We recall that the program allows viewing HTML source of your email, and a number of advanced features that allow you to manage satisfactorily throughout their correspondence. The cost of the program is quite high: € 23.50. However, in addition to being able to test 30 days, you can transfer the license for mobile phone in up to 20 terminals in three years. More information on the official site or post on our review.