Nokia invests 70 million in Obopay, a mobile payment

2:28 AM Edited by Blony

. The first time I heard about Obopay, the company that operates in the United States and India was developing a system of mobile banking for poor people.

And I do not think there a better way of listening to this company at this time, where Nokia has just invested about $ 70 million. Surprisingly, no investment was made the division of risk capital, but the Nokia.

According to Obopay will use the money to expand their producer and try to increase their global presence. At this time, Teppe Paavola, head of corporate business development at Nokia, you are joining the board of Obopay. After this investment, Carol Realini, CEO of Obopay, is confident that the worldwide users of mobile payments will grow from 6 million in 2009 to 100 million by 2011 (some even predict more growth).

Obopay allows users to send money to any mobile phone that has SMS and can receive an account on the service or transfer it directly to your bank account. The company charges 25 cents for shipments of over one thousand dóalres but receive nothing.