Opera is the potential to optimize Fingertouch browsing touchscreen

9:05 AM Edited by Blony

The touchscreen is increasingly central to how to use mobile and, therefore, not only the changing face terminals to adapt to such use, but also the applications are developed in such a way that both the finger on the screen to control the various features .

Precisely for this reason, companies such as Opera Software are working to make the browser even more renowned for the sensitivity to touch. Future releases of the software, it will have a particular role renamed Fingertouch, which manages to make it more simple and intuitive navigation screens touchscreen. The program will automatically recognize the presence of sections linkabili visited the page and activate a zoom that simplify the use certainly in touch.

The remarkable thing is that the Web already circulating a video demonstration of Fingertouch with Opera, but installing software on Symbian UIQ. Really strange, since this system has virtually disappeared from the current terminal. Expect to know something more by the Norwegian group.