Nokia Music Store: special section on the occasion of Woman's Day

9:09 AM Edited by Blony

The celebration of Women has come this year and some manufacturers seize the opportunity of this important days to launch a special initiative. Such as the North European Nokia, through its Music Store, has decided to open a particular section. Within the portal, it will be possible to visit a special section for all the female artists who participated in the successful edition of the Sanremo Festival this year.

Interpreters and singer who in 2009 marked a year of intense and rich women (just think that the new proposals, there was only one man), through pieces simple, catchy, others more involved and singular. In short, a very different and varied to celebrate an important day like this, listening to the songs of mobility kermesse ended a few weeks ago '. Throughout the writing of takes the opportunity given by this article to make lots of good wishes to all our readers and, obviously, to all women.