Now you can buy an iPhone 3G without contract or plans (II)

6:09 AM Edited by Blony

. Apple stores already sell the iPhone 3G without contract or plans at a subsidized price of $ 599 for the 8GB version and $ 699 for the 16GB model. This will formalize the idea of AT & T to sell iPhone without contract or plans, which almost can be called a phone line (which is not the same as released).

This was already available in stores, AT & T, the restriction of only one team per person, but if Apple is different, there is no limit on the number of phones that a buyer can afford.

Apple wants to sell the remaining inventory of iPhone 3G in preparation for the forthcoming launch of the new iPhone 3.0 OS with 2009, probably in mid-June. In this way, the activation is done at the customer's home, via iTunes, and facilitates the clearance of stocks for the new iPhone 3.0.